Little Women: Character Profiles

Meg:the oldest of the March sisters, Meg is plump and beautiful.  She is sweet tempered and motherly, and has a penchant for pretty things.  She likes to sew, and does her best at running a household, though at times she has trouble. She battles with being poor because she wants so much to have nice things, but adores her family and later her husband. 
Jo:the main heroine of the book, Jo is the second oldest sister and a tomboy.  She adores writing of any kind, and plans as a girl to make her fortune with her pen.  She is quick-tempered, but tries hard to be good and pleasing to her parents.  She takes Laurie under her wing and helps to raise him into the man he becomes.  She is often self-sacrificing, and has a strong maternal connection over her sister Beth who she adores.  She is exceptionally dependable, and when their father is away, she acts as the man of the house. 
Beth:the quiet sweet-tempered angel of the family, Beth does everything she can to make the house a happy place.  She is shy, and adores playing the piano and singing.  She loves cats and dolls, and takes care of both with a fervor. 
Amy:the youngest of the March sisters, Amy is at first selfish and spoiled.  Destined to be the sister who becomes a Lady, Amy concentrates on making herself better than their poverty-stricken life.  She is an artist who loves to portray beauty in all things.  As time goes on, she tempers her nature and becomes a mature loving woman, who puts away her greed for money, and acts more out of her heart. 
Mrs. March (Marmee): the mother of the four March sisters, Marmee is the guide of the family.  She appears to have infinite wisdom and patience, and an exceptionally charitable nature.  She wants nothing more than her daughters happiness, and knows how to teach them the lessons they need to achieve that happiness.  Once a gentlewoman, Marmee knows that there is more to life than riches, and lives off the love of her family and not of money. 
Mr. March: A soldier for the north in the civil war, Mr. March is the familys spiritual guide.  When t he military releases him due to injury, he comes home to be a pastor.  Mr. March is very philosophical and bookish, and his family adores him. 
Theodore Laurence (Laurie, Teddy): Befriended by Jo, Laurie is the grandson of the Marchs next door neighbor.  He is impulsive, sensitive, and quickly to temper.  He is also kind and caring towards all of the March sisters. He adores music, is a pet to Jo, and is a gentleman, though he does not look down on the March family for their poverty. 
Mr. Laurence:the rich next door neighbor to the March family, Mr. Laurence becomes like a grandfather to the girls.  He is kind, and gives them gifts such as Beths piano.  Beth becomes his special pet, and though the old man can be gruff and intimidating, the March clan and his headstrong grandson love him. 
Hannah: the marchs servant and helper, Hannah is their to help the family with all their needs.  She cooks, cleans, and instructs the girls with lessons in life along with Mrs. March.
Aunt March: a crotchety old rich woman, Aunt March is both a blessing and a plague to the March sisters.  She leaves her things to the girls when she dies, and pays for Amy to go to Europe for a few years.  She employs Jo to keep her company, and hides her sentimental generous nature behind a hard exterior. 
John Brooke:originally Lauries tutor, Mr. Brooke falls in love and marries Meg.  John is kind and poor, but works hard.  He is exceptionally bright and patient and he has a passion for politics. 
Fred Vaughn: a friend of Lauries who comes from England to visit.  He later courts Amy when she is visiting in Europe.
Frank Vaughn: Fred twin, Frank is delicate and sensitive and when he is visiting Beth spends her time talking to him and taking care of him.
Kate Vaughn: Fred and Franks older sister who looks down upon Meg who makes Mr. Brooke stand up for her. 
Grace Vaughn: girl Amys age, who Amy visits in Europe when they are there.
Sallie Moffat: friend of Meg who is rich and whom Meg envies for her things. 
Professor Bhaer: a middle aged man that Jo meets while staying in New York.  He is German and wonderful with children.  Everyone he meets loves him. 
Daisy and DemiJohn: Megs twin children who light up their mothers life.  Demi is rambunctious and bright, and Daisy likes to take care of her brother.