Les Miserables: Novel Summary: Section 4 – Book 11

 Section 4 – Saint-Denis and Idyll of the Rue Plumet
Book Eleven – The Atom Fraternizes With the Hurricane
Meanwhile, Gavroche steals an old horse pistol from an antique shop and runs singing down the streets to join the insurgents. On the way he assists a lancer of the guard who has fallen, engages in name calling with some old women and sends a rock through the barbers window. He meets up with Enjolras band and joins them. He notices an unarmed old man marching with them. Courfeyrac knows it to be Father Mabeuf and though he tried to dissuade him from joining them the old man insists on being there to help overthrow the government. The rumor spreads that he is an old revolutionary, a conventionist and regicide. As they progress the band increases in numbers and arms.
On their way to join the barricades they pass by Courfeyracs apartment and he goes inside to retrieve his purse, his spare hat and a large box. His landlady tells him that there is a young workingman who has a message for Monsieur Marius. Courfeyrac tells the man that he has no knowledge of Marius whereabouts. The young man asks if he may join them and Courfeyrac responds that he may do as he wishes. Later he notices that the young man has indeed joined them. The mob, with no clear destination in mind, eventually makes its way to the Rue Saint Denis.
The unrest that people are feeling is being expressed with minor skirmishes on the streets. Even Father Mabeuf has joined the insurgents.