Les Miserables: Novel Summary: Section 4 – Book 10

 Section 4 – Saint-Denis and Idyll of the Rue Plumet
Book Ten – June 5, 1832
The fighting had been sparked by the death of General Lamarque, a figure well loved by the people for his leftist politics. The route of his funeral procession passed near the Faubourg Saint Antoine and the various organizations armed their members and prepared to revolt. The streets were full of soldiers and a vast multitude of armed civilians. Tensions rose until shots were fired and the battle exploded. All over the city various conflicts occur and arms and ammunition are openly distributed to people in the street. Large numbers of arrests are made, the National Guard is summoned and before nightfall the center of the city comes to resemble a sort of citadel.
The author discusses the causes for uprisings throughout the ages. In this case, the revolt is caused by the death of General Lamarque, a well loved leader of the leftist political group.