King Lear: Novel Summary: Act 5, Scene 2-Act 5, Scene 3

 Act 5, Scene 2: Edgar drags his father along and tells him that the French army has been defeated, and Cordelia and Lear wear captured. 
Act 5, Scene 3: Cordelia and Lear are sent to prison but plan happy ways to spend their time there.  Edmund tells his captain as hes taking them that they are to be assassinated.  Albany enters to discuss the conditions of the prisoners, and Edmund tells him they will discuss it later.  The women then get in a fight over Edmund, and Albany challenges him for trying to steal his wife.  Goneril poisons Regan, and Edgar comes forward to fight Edmund in hand-to-hand combat.  They battle and Edmund is wounded.  Albany then asks Goneril about her involvement in the plot to kill him and she refuses to answer.  Edmund then asks his challengers name, and Edgar reveals himself.  He tells his tale of dressing as a madman, and how he just witnessed his fathers death. Afterwards, he pleads for Kent because of all hes done for the king.  A man enters with a bloody knife and says that Goneril has killed her self and confessed to poisoning her sister.  Kent arrives and asks after the king.  Edmund admits that he ordered the king and Cordelia killed, and they send a man after them to prevent it.  Lear comes out with a dead Cordelia in his arms, and Kent reveals himself to his king and Albany decides to give Lear back his thrown.  But because of his sadness at Cordelias death, Lear dies as well much to the sadness of his loyal followers.