King Lear: Novel Summary: Act 4, Scene 7-Act 5, Scene 1

 Act 4, Scene 7: Back in the French camp, Cordelia recognizes Kent, but he asks her to keep his identity a secret still.  She agrees, and tells the doctor it is ok if he wakes her father who has been sleeping in their care.  He awakens, and at first thinks he is dead.  He then recognizes Cordelia, but thinks that she will do him harm because of all the sisters, she has the best motive.  They tell him he is safe and take him away.  Only the Gentleman and Kent stay and they discuss the battle that is about to brew.  Edmund is leading the Duke of Cornwalls forces, and it is rumored that Edgar is in Germany. 
Act 5, Scene 1: Edmund and Regan are speaking, and Regan asks Edmund if he loves Goneril.  He answers that he does, and Regan is disappointed.  The Duke of Albany and Edmund decide to join forces against the invading French army when Edgar comes to them dressed in his disguise and gives a paper to Albany.  Edmund enters and gives another paper to Albany all the while, trying to figure out which sister he will choose since hes sworn his love to both.  He decides to wait until the battle is over, and unlike Albany intends to show no mercy to Cordelia or Lear.