King Lear: Novel Summary: Act 4, Scene 3-Act 4, Scene 4

Act 4, Scene 3: Kent and the Gentleman meet in Dover to exchange news.  The Gentleman tells Kent that the King of France is not present, but leaves his army to the Marshal and his wife.  He also tells him of Cordelias reaction to her sisters treatment of her father.  She is devastated for him, and angry at the things they inflicted upon him.  Kent informs the Gentleman that Lear is in Dover, but refuses to see his daughter because the way he treated her.  He is wracked with guilt that he cheated her out of her dowry.  Kent then takes him to take care of Lear. 
Act 4, Scene 4: Cordelia speaks with the doctor in her camp and sends out men to find her father.  A messenger brings her news of the British forces advancing upon them, and she says that they are prepared for them.