King Lear: Novel Summary: Act 4, Scene 1-Act 4, Scene 2

 Act 4, Scene 1: Gloucester is brought out of the castle by an old man who is a tenant of his.  While on the road they run into Edgar disguised still as the beggar.  Edgar hears his fathers laments about how he wronged his rightful son.  Gloucester tells the old man to let him go with Edgar to Dover, and Edgar agrees happily to take him.  They journey, and Gloucester says that once they arrive to take him to a cliff. 
Act 4, Scene 2: When Goneril and Edmund return to Gonerils castle, they are met by Oswald and informed of the Duke of Albanys position on the French landing, and the happenings at Gloucester.  Goneril, realizing that her husband feels opposite than she, sends Edmund back to her brother in law.  When Albany sees his wife he berates her for her treatment of her father and they fight until a messenger enters with news of the Duke of Cornwalls death.  He also tells Albany about Gloucester losing his eyes, and the Duke feels sorry for the blind Earl.  With him the messenger sends a letter from Regan to Goneril, and she takes it to another room to read.  Albany swears to avenge Gloucesters eyes, and goes off with the Messenger to learn more details.