King Lear: Novel Summary: Act 3, Scene 2-Act 3, Scene 3

 Act 3, Scene 2: Lear and the Fool are caught out in the storm.  The Fool begs him to go back to his daughters to seek shelter, but he refuses.  Kent finds them and tells them that he has found a hovel in which they can take shelter.  He leads them there to stay throughout the storm.
Act 3, Scene 3: Gloucester does not like the way the duke and duchesses are treating their father.  He tells Edmund of a letter he received about the division happening between the dukes and the French involvement.  Gloucester decides to go to the ex-kings aid, and Edmund decides to capitalize on his fathers decision.  With instructions to make excuses for him if he is needed, Gloucester leaves, and Edmund goes to reveal what he knows to Cornwall.