King Lear: Novel Summary: Act 2, Scene 2-Act 2, Scene 3

Act 2, Scene 2: Kent and Oswald, messengers from Lear and Goneril, meet in the courtyard of Gloucester. Kent recognizes the steward and starts to berate him and challenges him to a fight because of his purpose against the king. Oswald refuses the fight, but Kent begins to beat him anyway. Gloucester, Regan, the Duke of Cornwall, and Edmund all appear and ask why they are fighting. When they explain, Regan sees the similarities between Kent, and the King`s men her sister was complaining about, and has him put into the stocks. Everyone but Gloucester leaves Kent, and he promises the imprisoned messenger to help him in anyway possible.Act 2, Scene 3: Edgar returns to the castle and disguises himself as a mad beggar.