King Lear: Novel Summary: Act 1, Scene 5-Act 2, Scene 1

 Act 1, Scene 5: Lear sends Kent, still in disguise, ahead to his daughter Regans house so she can prepare for his arrival.  While he is gone, the Fool who is traveling with them tells the former King that he could easily be the fool.  When the king asks why, the fool tells him it is because he gave away his land too soon, and made himself old before he was wise. 
Act 2, Scene 1: Edmund hears that the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are coming to his fathers house.  He decides it is time to put his plan fully into effect.  He tells his brother that more evidence has come up against him. When his father comes, he makes him draw his sword.  At Edmunds behest, Edgar flees making him look like a traitor.  Edmund has a wound in his arm, and his father commends him for his service. Gloucester sentences Edgar to death if he is captured.  The Duke and Duchess arrive and hear of the happenings and commend Edmund for his bravery.  They tell Gloucester that they have come to seek refuge because of conflicting letters that they have received from Regans sister and her father.  If her father comes to her castle, they do not want to be there.  Gloucester swears to give them all the aid they need until they can figure out whos message to believe and what to do about it.