King Lear: Novel Summary: Act 1, Scene 3-Act 1, Scene 4

 Act 1, Scene 3: Goneril meets with the steward of her household, Oswald, to complain about her father whos come to stay with her.  She tells him that he should be cold to her father and his knights.  If her father asks for her, he should tell him that she is ill.
Act 1, Scene 4: The banished Earl of Kent disguises himself and goes to Gonerils court to serve Lear.  Lear accepts him, and together they talk to the Fool who insults Lear.  He thinks, like Kent, that he made the wrong decision about Cordelia.  Oswald enters and gives Lear the cold shoulder, and Kent trips him forever sealing his place at Lears side.  After a while, Goneril enters and berates her father about his knights.  She upbraids him and tells him that he should dispatch some of his knights.  Again, Lear is insulted at her treatment of him.  He decides to send away half of his entourage, and move as soon as possible to his other daughters house.  Lear has begun to regret disowning Cordelia because of the way his eldest daughter treats him.