Jurassic Park: Character Profiles

John Arnold: John Arnold is the chain-smoking chief engineer at Jurassic Park. He is very experienced, and helped to build Disney World, in Orlando. He disagrees with Malcolm regarding chaos theory.
The Bowmans: Mike and Ellie Bowman, with their young daughter Tina, go to Costa Rica for a vacation. Tina is bitten by a lizard.
Bobbie Carter: Bobbie Carter is the American doctor in Costa Rica who treats the man who is mauled by a dinosaur at the beginning of the novel.
Lewis Dodgson: Lewis Dodgson is head of product development at the Biosyn Corporation. He is known as the most aggressive geneticist of his generation. He is unethical in his research, and his work at Biosyn involves industrial espionage.
Donald Gennaro: Donald Gennaro is the lawyer who represents the Hammond Foundation. He is a former investment banker who helped Hammond raise the money to start the InGen corporation. Grant dislikes him.
Alan Grant: Alan Grant is a forty-year-old professor of paleontology at the University of Denver, one of the foremost researchers in his field. He is also a consultant to the Hammond Foundation. Grant is the main character in the novel. He takes care of the children after they are all attacked by the tyrannosaur, and gets them safely through all the obstacles and scary moments they face. With his knowledge of dinosaurs he is able to fill in crucial pieces of information.
Marty Guitierrez: Marty Guitierrez is the American doctor who treats Tina Bowman at the hospital in Costa Rica. It is Guitierrez who sends the remains of a dead lizard similar to the one that bit Tina to Columbia University for identification.
John Hammond: John Hammond is the founder of the Hammond Foundation. He is in his mid- to late-seventies. He is a flamboyant man, a born showman, who is so full of his vision for a dinosaur theme park that he refuses to face the fact that there are problems with it. He is eventually a victim of his own creation, when he is killed by scavengers called procompsognathids, known as compys.
Dr. Harding: Dr. Harding is the veterinarian at Jurassic Park. He was formerly the chief of veterinary medicine at the San Diego Zoo, and he is the world’s leading expert on avian care.
Alice Levin: Alice Levin is Richard Stone’s assistant. She believes that the drawing Tina Bowman made of the creature that attacked her is of a dinosaur.
Ian Malcolm: Ian Malcolm is a mathematician at the University of Texas in Austin. He is thirty-five, thin and balding, and he dresses entirely in black or gray. He is an expert in chaos theory and believes all along that the park will end in disaster. He dies after being attacked by a tyrannosaur.
Bob Morris: Bob Morris is a lawyer with the Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco. He is investigating the Hammond Foundation and visits Grant in Montana to unearth information.
Robert Muldoon: Robert Muldoon is the fifty-year-old park game warden. He spend most of his life as a guide for African big-game hunters, but over the last ten years he has worked for conservation groups and zoo designers ad a wildlife consultant. He is more aware than the others of the dangers posed by the dinosaurs.
Lex Murphy: Lex Murphy is Tim’s seven- or eight-year-old sister. She goes through many scrapes but is unharmed.
Tim Murphy: Tim Murphy is the eleven-year-old grandson of John Hammond. He has a great interest in dinosaurs. He also plays a key part in the action when he figures out the computer system and switches the power on again when no one else knows how to do it.
Dennis Nedry: Dennis Nedry is the fat and sloppy computer expert who created the control system used at the dinosaur park. But he was not told what the park was for. Nedry is also the man recruited by Dodgson to steal frozen dinosaur embryos. His attempt to do so ends in his death.
Ed Regis: Ed Regis is head of public relations for Jurassic Park. When the Land Cruisers get stuck and he sees a tyrannosaur, he runs for his life. Later he is ashamed of himself for abandoning the children. Then he is attacked and killed by a juvenile tyrannosaur.
Ellie Sattler: Ellie Sattler, who is twenty-four and a strikingly attractive blond, is Alan Grant’s graduate assistant. She is a paleobotanist. She helps take care of Malcolm, and plays a key role in distracting the raptors at a crucial moment in the story.
Richard Stone: Richard Stone is head of the Tropical Diseases Laboratory of Columbia University Medical Center. He receives the fragment of the unidentified lizard from Costa Rica, but refuses to take seriously Alice Levin’s comment that it is a dinosaur.
Henry Wu: Henry Wu is the chief geneticist at Jurassic Park. He is a slender man in his thirties who has worked for Hammond all his professional life. He extracts the DNA and recreates the correct DNA sequences. He is confident that Jurassic Park is an authentic environment and that the animals cannot breed. Wu is eventually killed by a raptor.