Invisible Man: Novel Summary: Epilogue

The protagonist uses this section to summarize his thoughts on what has happened. He realizes that he was trying to go everyones way but his own. He contemplates his grandfathers words and has to reconcile them with his awareness of our shared humanity. He takes on the perspective that diversity and not conformity is the answer and that this will allow the individual to retain a sense of self.
He also recalls an event on the subway in which he encountered an elderly Mr. Norton who did not recognize him.
Ultimately, the protagonist decides that history is his responsibility to tell and that he will eventually come out of hibernation. He ends by suggesting that he is speaking for his reader, the “you” that he addresses in the end.
This section serves to summarize the events he has experienced. It also allows the protagonist to develop his own philosophy concerning the events of his life. Certain elements of his life come full circle such as his encounter with Mr. Norton who no longer remembers him. This chapter also ends with a promise to return above ground, which suggests that this way of life is not a permanent option, but that one must live among others in order to experience life and define ones self.