Henry IV Part 2: Novel Summary: Act V Scene 1

 Act V Scene 1
In Shallows house in Gloucestershire, Shallow tries to persuade Falstaff to stay the night, and he fusses around, giving orders to his servant Davy. After Shallow exits, Falstaff gives expression to his contempt for the foolish Justice, noting that his visit has put the entire house into a flap. He promises to have enough fun at Shallows expense as to entertain Prince Henry for a year when he tells him about it.
Falstaffs eagerness to accumulate amusing stories about Shallow to relate to Prince Henry is a reminder of the relationship he has had, and thinks he still has, with the Prince. Of course, Falstaff is ignorant of the change that has been brewing in the Prince, and of the events taking place in London, where the King is on his death-bed. He will soon get a rude awakening.