Frankenstein: Summary: Letter 1-Letter 2

Letter 1: The beginning to the book is really an extended prologue told from the perspective of a man writing letters to his sister. Apparently the man is about to embark on a journey to the Arctic Circle via a ship of some kind. He explains to his sister, Mrs. Margaret Saville, that it has been a life-long dream of his to travel to the North Pole and explore the uninhabited regions of the Arctic. He plans to rent a vessel and hire some sailors, and then to finally shove off in June. The letter concludes with his signature: R. Walton.
Letter 2: In his second letter, dated a few months later, Walton explains that hes found a ship and the sailors for it, but doesnt have anyone as a friend-someone to share his joy and passion for life. He complains a bit about other such matters for a while, then signs the letter: Robert Walton.