Frankenstein: Novel Summary: Chapters 21-22

 Chapter 21:  Before the court, Victor learns that he is a suspect in the recent murder of a young man.  After seeing the corpse, Frankenstein is horrified to discover that the victim is Henry Clerval.  After seeing the black marks on his neck, Victor is convinced that his monster is to blame.  He spends three months in jail before he is finally released.  During this period Victor is shaken with a feverish physical and mental sickness.  Finally his father arrives, and the two return to Geneva together.  Victor resolves to protect his family (whats left of it) from the monster.
Chapter 22: Still on the journey home, Victor continues to feel very sick.  Though his father attributes it to his delirium, Victor lets burst, “William, Justine, and Henry-they all died by my hands.”  Frankenstein is very earnest in his belief that he is the cause of their deaths, and he is even more horrified by the thought that they wont be the last victims of his poor judgement.  He remembers the monsters words to him: “I will be with you on your wedding-night!” 
Once they return to Geneva, the wedding day is arranged to the delight of everyone involved besides Victor himself, who isnt sure what the future holds.