Frankenstein: Novel Summary: Chapters 17-18

 Chapter 17: Finally the beast finishes his narrative, reiterating his request for a mate, saying that he will terrorize Frankenstein and his family if he refuses. Victor is repulsed by the idea and tells the being that he will not create another of his kind. Yet after the monster tells Frankenstein that he and his mate will live in South America and not bother anyone, Victor changes his mind. Still, however, Frankenstein dreads the task before him.
Chapter 18: Victor loathes the thought of creating another monster, and so he drags his feet. Its at this time, also, that his father relates his desire for Victor and Elizabeth to soon marry. Victor says that he loves Elizabeth very much and wants to marry her eventually, but that he has to return to England for awhile beforehand. It is in England where he plans to carry out the dreadful task of creating another monster. Victor admits that he is a slave to the monster he has created.