Frankenstein: Character Profiles

Character Profiles

Robert Walton: Walton is the first narrator of the story. In his letters to his sister Margaret, he first explains his desire to explore the North Pole. Once he finds a ship and a crew, Walton does indeed head north, and after a few days, he encounters Victor Frankenstein, who comes aboard to tell the captain his lifes story. Frankensteins narration accounts for most of the rest of the book, although the monster tells chapters 11-16. Walton resumes his letter to Margaret at the conclusion of Frankenstein.
Margaret Saville: A minor character in the book, Margaret, Roberts sister, is simply the one to whom Walton addresses his letters.
Victor Frankenstein: Victor is the main character and main narrator of the story. He is the curious young science major who eventually finds the secret of life. After many months of study and experimentation, Frankenstein finally creates his infamous monster. Immediately after he witnesses the being come to life, however, Victor regrets his decision to create life. When he refuses to create a mate for his monster, the creature terrorizes the young man, murdering his closest friends and family. Victor decides to dedicate his life to eradicating this devil, but the beast prevails at the end, miserable himself but satisfied that he has avenged the crime of his creation.
Alphonse Frankenstein: Mr. Frankenstein is Victors father. He is rather old when he marries Caroline Beaufort, but the two have a wonderful marriage until she dies a few years later. Both Alphonse and Caroline hope that one day, Victor and Elizabeth will get married.
Caroline Beaufort: Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein is Victors mother. She comes from a poor but dignified family, and agrees to marry Alphonse after her father dies and she is left alone to fend for herself. The two have a wonderful marriage until she dies a few years later. Both Alphonse and Caroline hope that one day, Victor and Elizabeth will get married.
Elizabeth: Elizabeth is the poor orphan girl who eventually is adopted by the Frankenstein family. She has a very happy remaining childhood, having a special attachment to her “cousin,” Victor. Years later, she marries Victor but is murdered by the monster on their wedding night.
Ernest, William, Justine Moritz: These are other children of the Frankenstein family. Frankensteins monster eventually murders William, and Justine is executed because she untruthfully confesses her own guilt in the crime.
Henry Clerval: Henry is Victors best friend and school peer. Unfortunately, he too is murdered by the beast near the end of the story.
M. Krempe and M. Waldman: These men are science professors at Ingolstadt. They are largely responsible for leading Victor away from alchemy and towards genuine chemistry.
The Monster: Franksteins creation is the villain of the book, at least according to Victor, but his narration forces the reader to feel at least some pity for him. He is the true outcast of society, and though he has the intelligence of man, he isnt allowed into society. After many attempts to gain the favor of humans, the monster finally resolves to take out his anger and misery on mankind, particularly his creator, Victor. To carry out his vengeance, the beast kills Victors closest friends and family, and ultimately makes sure that Frankenstein is dead himself. At the conclusion of the story, the beast is left to die at the North Pole, satisfied that Victors sin in creating him is recompensed.
Felix: Felix is the young man who lives in the small cottage near the monsters hovel. When Safies father is unjustly put in jail, Felix helps him escape, leading to his own arrest and that of his family. After several months, the De Lacey familys fortune is taken away and they are exiled to France. Yet over the course of all these events, Felix and Safie fall into love. Eventually the two lovers reunite at the cottage.
Agatha: Agatha is Felixs sister and De Laceys daughter. She, too, is forced to leave with the family when they are found guilty in French court.
De Lacey : De Lacey is the old, blind man of the cottage. Hes the father of Agatha and Felix.
Safie: Safie is the daughter of the Turk and a Christian Arab. She falls in love with Felix after he manages to free her father from prison. Through trickery, she eventually reunites with her lover at the cottage.
The Turk: The Turk, as he is called, is a wealthy businessman who is unjustly arrested and imprisoned in Paris. When Felix helps him escape, he promises the hand of his daughter to his benefactor. Yet once out of the country, the Turk goes back on his word, telling Safie to follow him back to Constantinople.