For Whom the Bell Tolls: Novel Summary: Chapter 41

SummaryPilar gets a bit upset with Jordan because he feels the need to review the plans with her once more. “The first time thou outlined it I understood it as well as I will ever understand it” (402). Then she tells him “get thee about thy business” (402). He is still not altogether too sure about Pablo and he shakes his hand even though he didnt want to. He tells Maria goodbye without any drama, as if he was leaving for work on any normal morning. He tells her not to cry. He feels very young all of a sudden, as young as the time when he had to leave Montana to travel to school for the first time when his father accompanied him to the station, kissed him and cried when he left. Then with Anselmo Jordan leaves for the bridge, carrying the machine gun. They arrive at the same spot they had earlier scouted out and look at the guard station where a small brazier is lit. Jordan tells Anselmo to speak quietly. Then he reiterates the orders he had earlier given Anselmo, who is to shoot the guard. He makes the shooting a formal military order so Anselmo will be able to bear the guilt more easily. Then, “Robert Jordan waited for daylight” (411).
Jordan is cast here in a paternal role and it is of interest that he is reminded of his own father at his own leave-taking for school as a child. At the time he was embarrassed when his father became so emotional, and he refrains from any emotion himself. He is the classic stoic Hemingway hero. Nevertheless, Jordan repeats the instructions to Pilar as if she were a child; he doesnt indulge in any emotion with Maria in an effort to reassure her he will be back and then takes great care of Anselmo, making sure to ease his mind as much as possible.