For Whom the Bell Tolls: Novel Summary: Chapter 33

SummaryIn the middle of the night, Pilar awakens Jordan to tell him Pablo has left: “he has taken everything of thine” (361). In the cave they find that Pablo has removed dynamite from the sacks. Angry, Jordan at first scolds Pilar for allowing Pablo to escape but then is kind after she tells him the mission means just as much to her. He says not to worry and in some sense feels relieved. “We are better off with Pablo gone” (262). After all, there is enough dynamite left for them to still blow up the bridge.
In this chapter Pilar and Jordan clash. Pilar, who represents the supernatural, and Jordan, who represents rationality and logic, now find they must work together if they are to succeed in the mission. In addition, since they both love Maria deeply, they are at odds with each other but they know they are two sides of the same coin and must depend on each other for support. The underlying gloomy tone continues in this chapter. In fact, there is no light at all. All the action occurs at two a.m., the darkest part of the night, when Jordan is awakened to the feeling of impending doom and then moves into the dark cave.