For Whom the Bell Tolls: Novel Summary: Chapter 31

SummaryMaria is reluctant to make love because she is in pain, due she says to what she experienced in prison, not her lovemaking with Jordan. Jordan lies to her, saying he does not mind, and they talk into the night. He tells her of the hotel in Madrid and she imagines spending a month with him. She tells him she is concerned about being a good wife, learning English and American ways. Then she tells him how her parents were murdered, that she was a virgin before they took her prisoner and explains in horrific detail what happened and that she perhaps cannot have children. Jordan says that now they are married and that he was proud of her family, as she falls asleep. Again he thinks that he has lived all of his life in the three days since he has known Maria.
Jordan says he doesnt mind abstaining from making love to Maria but he sees it as unlucky. Its a life-negating sign. Maria tells Maria that Pilar, the soothsayer, has told her that tomorrow they will all die. He dismisses her worries but she insists on telling him her story because she might not have another opportunity. Nevertheless, despite these sad forebodings, the couple dreams of life in Madrid and America. Their desire to make love represents the desire to live but their inability to carry out the act means at least one of them will die.