For Whom the Bell Tolls: Novel Summary: Chapter 29

SummaryAnselmo names Andres who is younger and stronger to take Jordans report through enemy lines to Navacerrada. Jordan wants to convince General Golz to possibly cancel the attack on the bridge because of the unforeseen presence of Fascist troops and aircraft, but he does not want to give Golz any idea that he is fearful. Jordan, however, is not optimistic because Golz would need orders from Madrid to reverse course and time is running out. He, Pablo and Anselmo sit drinking El Sordos whiskey together. The overall tone is dark and gloomy.
The tension intensifies as the chapters become shorter and the action increases at a faster pace. Clearly, Jordan no longer seems dedicated to the Cause. He only wants to find a way to call off the whole thing off without losing face. In another turnaround, Pablo attempts to cheer him by saying he has confidence, but all Jordan thinks is “man I wish I had” (333).