For Whom the Bell Tolls: Novel Summary: Chapter 20

SummaryJordan makes a bed out of pine boughs, waits feverishly for Maria and panics when it takes her longer than he expected. He inhales the cleansing smell of pine and clear air and pushes away Pilar and her smell of death, while he waits. His despair ends as she suddenly appears barefoot in the snow wearing only her wedding shirt. The tender couple shares their love for each other, admitting they feel as one person. They sleep until Jordan wakes up troubled, kisses Maria and makes sure his gun is in place in case he needs it.
Although Maria and Jordan say that they feel like one person (“can you not feel that my heart be your heart?”) it is Maria who is truly lost in Jordan and promises to change into anything he might like her to be (262). He, however, remains steadfast in his own identity. They fall asleep in each others arms and Maria continues to sleep contentedly throughout the night in her newfound identity that she shares with Jordan. But Jordan, despite Marias “alliance against death with him,” awakes still troubled perhaps by Pilars premonition of death. Having found Maria, Jordan has come to fear death.