For Whom the Bell Tolls: Novel Summary: Chapter 17

SummaryThe group decides that it is time for Pablo to die. Jordan asks about the automatic rifle and says he will kill him because he is interfering in the mission and he can no longer be trusted. Even Pilar says she now believes Pablo should die. However, when Pablo returns to the cave, he is very friendly. Smiling, he tells them the snow is letting up. Pilar is sure Pablo overheard their discussion but Pablo brings up a good point. He is the one who can lead them to safety after they carry out the mission. They decide to postpone the assassination of Pablo.
It becomes apparent at this point how easily man justifies violence through the guise of righteousness. Some members of Pablos band are willing to sell their heroic former leader to the fascists. Agustin wants to blind him. The end certainly justifies the means in this incidence. Pablo has become a danger to the Cause, so it is imperative that he die. Even Pilar, his woman justifies his death.