Fathers and Sons

Fathers and Sons: Biography

Novelist, poet, and playwright Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev was born October 28, 1818, in the province of Oryol in Russia, about 100 miles south of Moscow. During his childhood, he suffered from his tyrannical mother, who beat him. He never married, but he had a lifelong affair with Pauline Garcia-Viardot, a young Spanish singer, with whom …

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Fathers and Sons: Theme

LoveLove is a prominent theme in Turgenev’s novels. In this particular story, love is measured as successes or failures in all the relationships: between father and son, between sisters, between brothers, between mother and son, and between friends. Nikolay and Fenechka and Arkady and Katya truly succeed at finding their love for one another. At …

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Fathers and Sons: Characters

Father Aleksey Father Aleksey is Bazarov’s parents’ priest who is invited to dinner when Bazarov is visiting his parents. Father Aleksey is clever and socially adept with young people.   Anfisushka, Timofeich, Tanyusha, Fedka, Fiodr These are all servants at Bazarov’s estate. ArinaVlassyevnaBazarov Vasily calls her Arisha. She is Bazarov’s mother, a Russian gentlewoman, who …

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