Fahrenheit 451: Novel Summary: Part 3C

 Finally, Montag reaches Fabers house.  The old man is shocked to see him alive, after losing the ear-piece that was their only connection.  Montag quickly fills Faber in on his recent actions, scarcely believing his own words.  “My God, how did this happen?” he says.  “It was only the other night everything was fine and the next thing I know Im drowning.  How many times can a man go down and still be alive? I cant breathe.  Theres Beatty dead, and he was my friend once, and theres Millie gone, I thought she was my wife, but now I dont know.  And the house all burnt.  And my job gone and myself on the run, and I planted a book in a firemans house on the way.  Good Christ, the things Ive done in a single week!”
Hearing all of this, Faber feels rejuvenated and ready to do battle himself, instructing Montag to head for the river while he leaves for St. Louis to see a retired printer.  Both men sit down to drink and relax a few minutes before they must be on the move.  Flipping on the television, they learn that a new Mechanical Hound is being brought in to track Montag, and that the media will be televising the Hounds progress.
Now, with time against them, Montag tells Faber to get rid of his scent by turning on the air-conditioner and the sprinklers.  The two men part ways, agreeing to meet later in St. Louis.  Though Montag is understandably exhausted, his persona continues to change.  He is able to think for himself, make his own decisions, and even tell Faber what to do.  This is quite a contrast from the opening few pages, where Montag was nothing more than an ignorant, submissive robot of society.