Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Summary: Chapter 9

 The last two chapters differ from the previous eight in that they are a series of letters explaining the previous bizarre events. The first is a letter in a letter. In Lanyon’s narrative, he encloses a copy of the letter written him by Jekyll, giving him a series of strange instructions. Dr. Jekyll’s desperate message urges Lanyon to go to his laboratory and retrieve his drawer full of medicine bottles. He is to force the lock open, with the help of a locksmith which Poole will arrange for. Next Lanyon is to return to his own home and at midnight, open the door to a short man (obviously Mr. Hyde), who will take the drawer.
Lanyon, though now thinking that Jekyll has gone insane, does exactly as told and is soon met by Hyde (wearing oversized clothes), who comes to the door and asks for the medicine drawer. Soon Hyde enters Lanyon’s home, seizes a specific bottle from the drawer and proceeds to drink it in one gulp. What follows flabbergasts Lanyon and probably leads to his death. Instantly, Mr. Hyde, after drinking the mixture, is transformed into the body of Dr. Jekyll.