Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Summary: Chapter 8

The eighth chapter is by far the most dramatic of Stevenson’s ten chapters. The scene begins with Poole, Jekyll’s butler, making a surprise visit to the home of Mr. Utterson. Poole proceeds to explain that he thinks “foul play” has occurred in the laboratory of Dr. Jekyll, in which he has kept himself isolated for the last two weeks. Poole tells Utterson that he thinks Hyde is involved, because the voice of the doctor has changed.
Quickly Utterson and Poole return to the doctor’s house, explaining to the rest of the servants that they plan to break into the laboratory and find out what has happened to Dr. Jekyll. After knocking and being told to go away, Utterson and Poole force the door down, and witness the dead body of Mr. Hyde lying on the floor. Thinking that Hyde killed Jekyll and then killed himself, the two men frantically search the laboratory for the remains of Jekyll. Yet “nowhere was there any trace of Henry Jekyll, dead or alive.”
After searching the entire room, Utterson looks on the desk of Jekyll and sees several documents. One of them is a newly written will. To the shock of Utterson and Poole, instead of Mr. Hyde as the inheritor, Mr. Utterson’s name is written on the dotted line. This confuses and amazes both men, who quickly leave and lock the door, keeping it untouched for the police.