Don Quixote: Novel Summary: Book 2, Part 11-Book 2, Part 12

 Book 2, Part 11: This chapter begins the story of Sanchos government.  When he first arrives, there is an official installation ceremony, which is quickly followed by a few speedy trials, where the parties in dispute come before Sancho and ask for his decision.  He hears several cases, and judges surprisingly wisely. 
Soon he gets a letter from the duke saying that the island is in danger of attack and that his life is also in danger.  This worries Sancho, who finds himself virtually unable to eat anything for fear of poison. All this ridiculousness forces the reader to ask himself how many of Sanchos dilemmas are real and how many are staged for the comic relief of the duke and duchess. 
Book 2, Part 12: In this hilarious chapter Don Quixote is attacked by several vicious cats with bells hung around their necks.  Meanwhile, a messenger delivers Sanchos letter to his family.  His wife, Teresa, and their daughter are amazed and extremely excited.  The curate and barber, upon hearing the news, are similarly dumbfounded.