Don Quixote: Novel Summary: Book 1, Part 5-Book 1, Part 6

Book 1, Part 5: Now wounded on the side of the road, Quixote is recognized by a peasant from his village who happens to pass by.  The Don, in his madness, continues to spout off words he remembers from his books regarding knights in such circumstances.  Picking him up, the peasant puts him on his donkey, and, realizing that hes mad, brings him home, where his family curses his books of chivalry for what has happened to their beloved Don Quixote.Book 1, Part 6: Hoping to rid Quixote of the source of his insanity, his family burns his books of chivalry.  They even go so far as to wall off his room of books, hoping to prevent him from realizing that his books are gone.  They tell him that an enchanter “[has] whisked books, room and all away.” The Don, of course, believes them, and their lies help to fuel his madness as he tells them that he knows this enchanter, who is a sworn enemy against whom he will surely find revenge.
Feeling ready to head out on the road once again, Quixote persuades Sancho Panza, a “laboring man” who is also his neighbor, to act as his squire, promising him the governorship of a small island.  Soon both leave La Mancha, believing Gods will to be on their side.