Don Quixote: Novel Summary: Book 1, Part 21-Book 1, Part 22

 Book 1, Part 21: Soon a few other characters arrive, and there is a reunion of sorts between Dorothea, Cardenio, and their respective lovers.  Detailing this subplot of the story is not necessary here.  Its simply important to realize that romantic love is seen throughout the novel, and not just with respect to Don Quixote, whose love for Dulcinea is more platonic than romantic anyway.
Book 1, Part 22: Don Quixote finally awakes; Sancho, realizing the others real identities, tells him that everyone has been transformed, that some enchantment has reoccurred.  Dorothea continues the deception, however, saying that she hasnt been changed at all. 
Next, Quixote launches into a fairly lengthy speech about the relationship between arms and peace, and the supremacy of the warrior over the scholar.  Though he may be delusional in other areas of thought, the knight-errant seems very earnest and logical during this quite moving argument.  Basically he asserts that although the pen is a powerful tool, the sword is the only definitive defender of peace.