Don Quixote: Novel Summary: Book 1, Part 19-Book 1, Part 20

 Book 1, Part 19: Here, Quixote grills his squire on his meeting with Dulcinea, not knowing that actually no meeting ever occurred.  Sancho tries to diffuse the question the best he can.
Andrew, the boy who Don Quixote “freed” a few chapters before, returns to his “guardian,” telling the knight-errant that his master didnt follow the condition of the oath he swore and that in fact he received an extra beating for the Dons behavior.  Quixote is outraged and tells the child that he will pay another visit to the man, who he calls a “boor.” Dorothea, however, reminds Quixote that he cannot carry out such a mission until he completes his obligation to her.  Hearing this, Andrew insults and embarrasses the Don, then turns and flees.
Book 1, Part 20: At the same infamous inn where they usually stay, they all speak about books of chivalry as the Don sleeps.  Quixote even fights a battle with some wineskins while dreaming.