Don Quixote: Novel Summary: Book 1, Part 17-Book 1, Part 18

 Book 1, Part 17: Continuing their journey, Sanchos friends encounter a beautiful woman bathing in a stream.  After they address her, she launches into a long story about a man named Don Fernando and his love for her.  Eventually this woman, Dorothea, agrees to take the role of the damsel in distress in the curate and barbers scheme to lure Don Quixote back to his home.  Even Sancho is fooled into thinking this woman is actually the aforementioned damsel in distress.
Book 1, Part 18: Sanchos group of travelers continues their pursuit of the great Don, Dorothea leading the charge.  Finally they find him, and Quixote asks to know what exactly the grievance is that hes supposed to remedy.  Dorothea crafts a masterful and untrue story, ending with a plea for Don Quixote to marry her.  When the knight refuses her offer, however, Sancho is outraged that his master would reject such a beautiful princess, and soon a fight ensues between Quixote and his squire.  The noble knight does, however, agree to help Dorothea with her request for knightly assistance.  Inadvertently, the robber who stole Dapple, Sanchos ass, returns it.