Divine Comedy: Novel Summary: Purgatorio section 7- Purgatorio section 11

Purgatorio section 7: The scene returns to Virgil and Sordello, fellow Mantuans. Sordello asks Virgil to identify himself. Struck with awe that he has encountered the great poet, Sordello bows down and exclaims that Virgil has brought great honor to the city of Mantua. Sordello wonders where Virgil now lives. Virgil explains that he dwells with other virtuous pagans who practiced the cardinal virtues but did not practice the three holy virtues. Finally, Virgil once again asks Sordello for directions up the mountain. Sordello leads the travelers to a beautiful valley filled with sweet flowers. Sordello points out some of the notable figures that dwell in this valley: Henry of Navarre, Peter III of Aragon, and Charles I of Anjou. These shades give the valley its name, Valley of the Rulers. The spirits are consigned to this spot because they too neglected to repent. Dante uses this example to show that one`s character is not necessarily noble even when one comes from a noble line of birth-an issue hotly debated during Dante`s time.