Crito: Top Ten Quotes

Socrates: “I only wish that ordinary people had an unlimited capacity for doing harm; then they might have an unlimited power for doing good, which would be a splendid thing, if it were so. Actually they have neither. They cannot make a man wise or stupid; they simply act at random.”
Socrates: “I cannot abandon the principles which I used to hold in the past simply because this accident has happened to me.”
Socrates: “.what we ought to consider is not so much what people in general will say about us but how we stand with the expert in right and wrong, the one authority, who represents the actual truth.”
Socrates: “.one must not even do wrong when one is wronged, which most people regard as the natural course.”
Socrates: “Do you imagine that a city can continue to exist and not be turned upside down, if the legal judgments which are pronounced in it have no force but are nullified and destroyed by private persons?”
Socrates: “.If you cannot persuade your country you must do whatever it orders, and patiently submit to any punishment that it imposes.”
Socrates: “.integrity, institutions and laws, are the most precious possessions of mankind.”
Socrates: “.You will leave this the victim of a wrong done not by us; the laws, but by your fellow men.”
Socrates: “.the sound of their arguments rings so loudly in my head that I cannot hear the other side.”
Socrates: “Then give it up, Crito, and let us follow this course, since God points out the way.”