Crime and Punishment: Novel Summary: Part2, Chapter 2-Part2, Chapter 3

 Part2, Chapter 2: He hides the stolen items beneath a rock in a vacant lot. When he realizes that he has successfully hidden them, another wave of joy passes through him, but it is soon replaced with hopelessness and disgust for everything around him. He finds himself at his friend Razumikhins apartment and enters in a state of near-delirium. He realizes, after a feeble attempt to converse, that there is no one in the whole wide world he could effectively meet at this moment face to face. He rejects Razumikhins efforts to provide him with some lessons for pay and leaves.
Raskolnikov then wanders through the streets and at one point is given some money by someone mistaking him for a poor beggar (his clothes are rags). He then returns home and dreams that one of the policeman is beating the landlady.
Part2, Chapter 3: After days spent in fevered delirium and illness, Raskolnikov awakes to discover Nastasia and a tradesman, whom he does not know, at his bedside. Razumikhin, who has been caring for him, enters the room. The tradesman presents him with thirty-five rubles which his mother has sent. Razumikhin takes some of the money and goes to buy new clothes for Raskolnikov. In the meantime, Razumikhin has also succeeded in currying the landladys favor, a feat which he declares required little effort. The chapter ends with the entrance of Zosimov.