Crime and Punishment: Novel Summary: Part1, Chapter 7-Part2, Chapter 1

 Part1, Chapter 7: The old woman cautiously opens the door to him, but seems suspicious. As planned, he gives her the pledge to untie and she turns her back to him. Just at the moment when it seems she is about to turn back around to face him, he withdraws the ax and strikes her with the blunt side three times, killing her. He then removes her key ring from her pockets and takes a purse that, along with two crosses, hangs on a string around her neck. He leaves the crosses on her chest and goes to search under her bed for a strongbox. While he is looking through the chest, he finds some jewelry and begins to pocket these pieces as well but suddenly there is the sound of someone walking in the room where the body is. He waits for a moment and then suddenly springs up and rushes into the adjoining room where he sees Lizaveta staring in horror. He immediately murders her with a single blow from the sharp edge of his ax.
He goes to clean the ax in the kitchen and then is preparing to leave when he hears the sound of people climbing the stairs. Sensing that they are headed for the apartment, Raskolnikov latches the door and crouches behind it, waiting. Two men who have appointments approach the door and ring. At first they are annoyed that the occupants have forgotten their appointments, but then they realize that the door is latched from the inside and that something must be wrong. One leaves to get the janitor and the other waits at the door for a while before getting fed up and leaving also. Now that the coast is clear, Raskolnikov slips out the door and hides in a vacant apartment that is being painted. The men approach with the janitor and head for the apartment. Just as they enter the apartment, which is now unlatched, Raskolnikov hurries out of the building and back to his flat, replacing the ax in the janitors room and falling onto his couch.
Part2, Chapter 1: He lies in a troubled semi-slumber for a long time before realizing he should hide his plunder and lock his door. After falling asleep again, he is awakened by Nastasia the maid and the janitor, who gives him a summons. Extremely anxious, weak and unstable, he dresses and walks to the police station. On the way into the building the thought occurs to him to fall on my knees and…tell all. A strong smell of paint is in the air when he arrives in the station, and he finds it nauseating. He is informed that the reason for his summons is that his landlady is suing for unpaid rent. Feeling a sudden rush of relief and joy, he goes into a long explanation of his prior engagement to the landladys daughter, who died. He is given an I.O.U. to sign and the clerk mentions that he seems ill. The thought again occurs to him to confess. At this moment, he overhears the officers discussing the murder and he collapses in a faint. When he comes to, he worries that they are suspicious of him and runs home to prepare for a search of his premises.