Crime and Punishment: Novel Summary: Part 4, Chapter 1-Part 4, Chapter 2

 Part 4, Chapter 1: Luzhin is sobered by yesterdays events with Dunia. He and his roommate, Lebeziatnikov, who is a simple-minded and extremely idealistic socialist, have grown to dislike one another. They discuss current political and social topics, while Luzhin counts his money on a table. Sonia is mentioned and Luzhin suddenly brightens and says he would like to meet her. When she is brought in, he asks her questions about her familys financial situation and discusses the possibility of holding some sort of lottery in Katherines benefit. As she leaves, Luzhin gives Sonia a ten-ruble note. Afterwards, Lebeziatnikov warmly tells him that he SAW everything.
Part 4, Chapter 2: Out of pride of the poor, Katherine has prepared a lavish funeral feast and invited everyone. The landlady, with whom she does not get along, has helped in the preparations. However, many of the tenants do not show up and the ones who do tend to be of lower social status, a fact which vexes Katherine. When Raskolnikov arrives, Katherine immediately seats him by her side, overjoyed. Throughout the dinner, she makes critical and teasing remarks about the landlady, who overhears. Finally, the two women begin screaming at one another. The fight is cut short when Luzhin enters.