Crime and Punishment: Novel Summary: Part 3, Chapter 3-Part 3, Chapter 4

 Part 3, Chapter 3: Raskolnikov reveals that he gave away the money his mother had sent him, describing the details of Marmeladovs accident and his familys poverty. Raskolnikovs mother mentions that Martha Petrovna, Svidrigailovs wife, has died. There is a rumor that Svidrigailov had beat her and shortly after she had a stroke while bathing. Raskolnikov then reasserts his opposition to Dunias marrying Luzhin and insists that she must choose between them. He states, Let me be vile. You must not. Ones enough. Dunia denies that she is marrying him out of sacrifice, but he does not believe her. They show him the letter from Luzhin and he scoffs at it, and points out that Luzhin is trying to slander him by twisting what actually happened at Marmeladovs. In the end, Dunia informs everyone that she has decided Raskolnikov should accompany them to the meeting after all.
Part 3, Chapter 4: At that moment, the door opens and Sonia enters, timid, embarrassed and shabbily dressed. Raskolnikov regards her with kindness and pity. He seats her by his sister, despite her low social standing. Sonia is extremely shy and explains that she had come from Katherine Ivanovna to invite him to Marmeladovs funeral and to the dinner afterwards. Katherine had prepared a lavish feast in memory of her husband as well as a testament to the fact that she herself came from better lineage. Pulcheria and Dunia excuse themselves and leave Raskolnikov alone with Sonia. He stares at her for several moments and recalls her fathers account of her sacrifice.
Raskolnikov then tells Razumikhin that he would like him to try and recover Dunias ring and his fathers watch, which he had pawned at the old womans and which are now in police custody. He explains that he is worried his mother or sister might ask about them. He suggests that it might be better to go straight to Porfiry Petrovich, a relative of Razumikhins and Razumikhin agrees heartily, saying that Porfiry will be very glad to meet him.
On her way home, Sonia finds a new universe…taking possession of her soul–feelings are growing for Raskolnikov. It is revealed that Svidrigailov had overheard her say Raskolnikovs name as they parted and has been following her since, only to realize that they are neighbors, at which point he greets her. She feels strangely ashamed and more timid in his presence.
Razumikhin and Raskolnikov proceed to Porfirys home. On the way, Razumikhin describes Porfiry as a very smart, skeptical man who likes to fool people. Raskolnikov wonders whether Porfiry knows about his visiting the pawnbrokers apartment and asking about the blood. He decides he will have to find out by the expression on Porfirys face. He then begins to tease Razumikhin about his obvious infatuation for Dunia and Razumikhin becomes annoyed. Raskolnikov continues to taunt him so that they both enter the flat laughing uproariously.