Crime and Punishment: Novel Summary: Part 3, Chapter 1-Part 3, Chapter 2

Part 3, Chapter 1: Pulcheria, his mother, wants to stay with Raskolnikov, but he insists she leave and tells Razumikhin to see her and his sister back to their lodging. Raskolnikov tells Dunia he is opposed to her marriage and that he views it as a sacrifice, exclaiming Its me or Luzhin! Razumikhin is instantly smitten with Dunia and takes it upon himself to assist the family in any way he can.
Part 3, Chapter 2: The next morning, Razumikhin brings Pulcheria and Dunia news that Raskolnikov is improving. He then relates all he has observed about his friend over the last two years, both his bad qualities and good. He describes Raskolnikov as morose, gloomy, haughty, even cold and unfeeling at times, yet also kind and magnanimous.
Pulcheria then shows Razumikhin a letter she and Dunia had received from Peter Petrovich Luzhin that morning, asking them to meet with him that evening and expressly forbidding them to bring Raskolnikov. The letter goes on to threaten that if they do bring Raskolnikov to the meeting, Petrovich will withdraw himself and they will have only [them]selves to blame. He also mentions that he had seen Raskolnikov the day before giving away money to a young lady of notorious conduct…under the pretext of funeral expenses. Afterward, they go to Raskolnikovs.