Crime and Punishment: Novel Summary: Part 2, Chapter 4-Part 2, Chapter 6

 Part 2, Chapter 4: Zosimov is a doctor and friend of Razumikhin. When he and Razumikhin begin discussing the murders, Raskolnikov turns away from them as he lies on his couch and faces the wall, studying the wallpaper. Razumikhin and Zosimov heatedly argue over whether the painters could be suspects in the crime. Razumikhin strongly believes they could not have committed it, since they were behaving so jovially immediately following the murder. Suddenly a strange man enters the room.
Part 2, Chapter 5: The man turns out to be Peter Petrovich Luzhin, Dunias fianc?. He is stiff and awkward in his greeting and is met with hostility from Raskolnikov, who suspects (rightly) that he is out to stroke his vanity by marrying a poor woman. He is well-dressed and fresh-scrubbed, in contrast to the squalor of the students appearance and Raskolnikovs living conditions. Luzhin makes an embarrassing attempt to flatter the youth of today, but is met with disagreement and contempt by the young men (Luzhin is 45). Raskolnikov asks Luzhin if it is true that you told your bride…how glad you were that she was a beggar…because its more profitable saving a wife from beggary–you can lord it over her and remind her shes in your debt! Luzhin is incensed that his words have been twisted and realizes that Raskolnikov was told about this by his mother. Raskolnikov tells Luzhin to go to hell and demands that he leave. He then tells his friends to go as well, wanting to be alone.