Coriolanus: Essay Q&A

Essay Q&A1. Is Coriolanus an innocent victim of the scheming tribunes, Brutus and Sicinius, or is he responsible for his own downfall? Though Brutus and Sicinius are the chosen representatives of the people, they focus far more on their own interests than those of the people ?speaking of the peoples interests only in public (III.iii.93?6). …

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Coriolanus: Top Ten Quotes

“Hes a very dog to the commonalty.?(I.i.23) The First Citizen blames Coriolanus more than any other for the grain shortage, as he has the reputation of being proud and contemptuous towards the people. “Whats the matter, you dissentious rogues That rubbing the poor itch of your opinion, Make yourselves scabs??(I.i.150?52) Coriolanus addresses the plebeians with …

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Coriolanus: Theme Analysis

Theme AnalysisClass conflict The conflict between the patricians, or traditional ruling class, and the plebeians, or common people, is central to the play. At the opening of the play, the plebeians are rebelling against the patricians, whom they accuse of hoarding grain while the plebeians starve. The tribunes Brutus and Sicinius are of the plebeian …

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