Brave New World: Metaphor Analysis

Metaphor Analysis

Caste System— people in Brave New World are genetically divided into five Greek letter categories. The best and brightest intellectuals are Alphas while the Epsilons are the manual laborers with little need for intelligence. The other castes fill jobs somewhere in between.
Alphas: Wear grey; these are the intellectuals of society. Some examples of professions can be World Controllers (Alpha double Plus), Directors of Hatcheries, and Wardens. Bernard, a psychologist, is also an Alpha.
Betas: Mulberry colored; these persons are somewhat intelligent and often work as mechanics.
Gammas: Wear green; often work as machine minders/manipulators, butlers, and other semi-thought-provoking jobs.
Deltas: Wear khaki, helicopter attendants, cold pressers, screw-cutters, package packers; are mass produced and have no individuality.
Epsilons: Wear black, can’t read or write, Sewage Workers, liftmen, foundry-workers, carriers, semi-morons.