Brave New World: Character Profiles

Character Profiles

D.H.C.: director of the hatchery; gives the students a tour of the facility
Mustapha Mond: resident controller of Western Europe; one of the ten world controllers; also lectures the students on the past and present state of earth; tells the Savage that the civilized world has decided to take happiness in exchange for freedom, art and religion
Bernard Marx: Alpha plus successful psychologist who has an inferiority complex due to his small height; feels isolated from rest of society; doesn’t believe in the promiscuous nature of his society; exhibits characteristics of man before Ford
Lenina Crowne: Woman who tries to persuade Bernard to take her to the reservation; always seems to unzipping her clothes
Fanny Crowne: works in the bottling room; friend of Lenina who pressures her to be more traditionally promiscuous
Benito Hoover: notoriously good-natured, always kind to others, always offering sex-hormone chewing gum
Helmholtz Watson: emotional engineer, friend of Bernard, also an outcast but due to his great physical beauty and muscular strength and mental excess; later Bernard is jealous of him when he and the Savage become friends; eventually sent to the Falkland Islands when he exhibits too much independence
Director: man who threatens Bernard with Iceland but then has to eat his words when Bernard returns with Linda and his son the Savage
Linda: conditioned woman raised in civilization but left by accident in the Reservation by the Director years before; has son, John, who grows up as a half-breed
John, the Savage: son of Linda and the Director; returns to civilization to attack it; demands freedom and isolation in exchange for happiness
Mitsima: Indian tribal elder who acts as a father to John and teaches him the Indian way.