Brave New World: Chapter 13

Huxley’s thirteenth chapter continues the struggle between Lenina and the Savage: Lenina trying to seduce him and the Savage trying to resist her advances. Fanny, Lenina’s friend and changing partner, doesn’t understand her obsession with the Savage, telling her she can have any of millions of men. Yet still, Lenina feels a strange attraction to the Savage.Finally, Lenina decides to be bold, so she barges into the Savage’s room and begins to take her clothes off, hoping to seduce the Savage. But John thinks he has to prove himself worthy, something Lenina doesn’t understand, and resists her lustful pleas. “In Malpais,” he says, “people get married.” This of course is incomprehensible to Lenina who has been conditioned to one night stands. She doesn’t understand his attempt at chivalry. The Savage even tries to quote Shakespeare, saying, “the strongest suggestion our worser genius can, shall never melt mine honour into lust.”Soon the Savage begins to react violently to her advances, forcing Lenina to take refuge in the bathroom. Finally, when the Savage leaves the room, she stealthily sneaks out of the bathroom and back to her own room.