Brave New World: Biography: Aldous Huxley

BiographyAldous Huxley was born in 1894 in England to two very aristocratic parents, Leonard and Julia Huxley. Huxley’s family possessed both scientific and literary fame throughout Europe. Indeed young Aldous had much to live up to. As a teenager, Huxley was enrolled in Eton, the legendary university. Soon he developed a bizarre eye disease which left him blind for over two years. Needless to say, this event dramatically changed Huxley, who decided to be a writer instead of a medical doctor. He reminisces, “…I should infallibly have killed myself in the much more strenuous profession of medicine.” However, Huxley was no stranger to work, even in the literary world. The great author had an incredibly productive writing career for nearly four decades, concluding at the time of his death in November of 1963.Huxley lived and wrote in Italy for much of his early adult life. He contributed to many literary magazines, including Vogue, but soon was forced to flee to America in 1937 to escape Hitler and the Nazis. As Huxley grew as an author, his writing became increasingly serious. He struggled to determine man’s role in society and to find the meaning of his perception. With his most famous work, Brave New World, Huxley proved to be decades ahead of his time. Indeed it would take years for the literary community to finally accept his work for what it was. Eventually Huxley emigrated to the United States where he lived the rest of his days in sunny southern California. As he grew older, Huxley began to experiment with LSD, a mind altering drug he found to be particularly useful for attaining spiritual perception. His later books reflected this interest in man’s relationship with the spiritual world.Huxley will go down in history as being one the most famous of the contemporary writers, often writing misconstrued pieces far ahead of their time.