Beloved: Essay Q&A

1. How does Toni Morrisons writing style have an impact on the story and themes? Beloved is influenced by a style called “magical realism,” in which the supernatural exists right alongside the everyday. People accept things like ghosts as simply a part of life. However, Toni Morrison does not simply write in magical realism. Her …

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Beloved: Top Ten Quotes

“And, for some reason she could not immediately account for, the moment she got close enough to see the face, Sethes bladder filled to capacity.” (p. 54) Sethe sees Beloved sitting on the stump “She is the one. She is the one I need. You can go but she is the one I have to …

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Beloved: Metaphor Analysis

Trees When Paul D first comes to Sethes house, she tells him she has a tree on her back. The dead mass of scar tissue has become a living tree in her imagination. However, after they have spent the night together, Paul D realizes it is just “a revolting clump of scars” (22). Trees are …

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