As You Like It: Novel Summary: Act 5, Scene 3-Act 5, Scene 4

Act 5, Scene 3: Touchstone and Audrey, who are preparing for their wedding the next day, listen as two pages sing a song about love.
Act 5, Scene 4: Duke Senior and Orlando talk about how Ganymede is producing Rosalind for the wedding.  Rosalind then enters as Ganymede and reminds the lovers of the promises they made. She also asks the Duke if his daughter comes if he will let her marry Orlando.  He agrees.  Ganymede leaves and Touchstone enters with Audrey.  Touchstone talks to the Duke and the Duke surmises that he is a man who uses his job as a fool to cover up his strong wit.  Rosalind, Celia, and Hymen, the God of Marriage, enter and everyone realizes who they really are.  Hymen makes each couple swear to each other, and as they are doing so the Oliver and Orlandos other brother Jaques De Boys interrupts.  He tells them that Duke Frederick, knowing that great men kept leaving court and going to the forest, decided that he should come battle Duke Senior.  On his way he met a religious man, however, who talked him out of his plan and told him to give up his crown as Duke.  Duke Senior is then again the real Duke.  As his first act of power, the Duke restores Olivers land to him and his niece, Celia, and makes Orlando his heir.  The other Jaques decides he will go to Duke Frederick and they cannot talk him out of it.  Everyone except Rosalind exits.