As You Like It: Novel Summary: Act 5, Scene 1-Act 5, Scene 2

Act 5, Scene 1: Touchstone and Audrey are together in the forest and Audrey is complaining about them not getting married.  Another man named William who wants to marry her enters and he and Touchstone engage in a battle of wits.  Touchstone overpowers the man, and he leaves.  Corin enters telling the two that Aliena and Ganymede want to see them and they all go.
Act 5, Scene 2: Oliver and Aliena fall in love and plan to be married the following day.  Orlando comes to Rosalind as Ganymede for help because he feels it is unfair that his brother should have is love and he cannot.  Ganymede tells him that she is a magician and can produce the real Rosalind at the wedding for him to marry if he wants it.  He is elated when Silvius and Phoebe enter.  Phoebe is mad that Rosalind showed Silvius the letter that she wrote.  The four make comments on what love is, and Rosalind comes up with a solution.  She tells them all to come to the church tomorrow.  Orlando will marry Rosalind (herself) and she, if she marries a woman, will marry Phoebe.  Knowing this will not happen she has Phoebe promise to marry Silvius in her place if Phoebe in the end refuses to marry her.  Phoebe promises, and Rosalind tells Silvius to come as well because she knows Phoebe will not be marrying her.  They all leave to prepare for the next day.