As You Like It: Novel Summary: Act 4, Scene 2-Act 4, Scene 3

Act 4, Scene 2: The Dukes men celebrate that they have killed a deer, and prepare to bring it to the Duke.
Act 4, Scene 3: Phoebe sends a letter to Ganymede through Silvius.  Silvius, not knowing what it contains delivers it thinking that she is yelling at the boy.  At first Rosalind thinks that Silvius wrote the letter and begins reading it aloud until she realizes that Phoebe is asking him/her to marry her.  Rosalind sends Silvius with a reply refusing her offer and saying that if she loved him, she would marry Silvius because he wants her so much.  Silvius leaves and Celia and Rosalind discuss the fact that Orlando has not returned as he said he would.  As they are speaking, Oliver comes into the scene looking for the shepherdess and her brother who own the house.  They admit that it is them and he tells them why Orlando has not come.  Oliver was asleep in the forest when Orlando came along and saw a mountain lion was stalking him.  Orlando, although his brother wants to kill him, decided he could not leave him there to die and begins to wrestle with the lion.  He beats the mountain lion but is wounded on the arm.  Oliver awakens, and seeing what his brother has done, he could never hurt him or think badly of him again.  Orlando sent a bloody rag to give to Rosalind because he felt so bad about missing their meeting.  Rosalind faints at the sight of it, and they decide to carry her back to the cottage.  Oliver questions her behavior, since she is supposed to be a boy, but he goes with them to carry her.